Spinner animation

  • I thought I’d read a post about the unrealistic animation of the spinners, but I couldn’t find it so I’m raising the issue now.
    Is there any chance that this will be corrected at some point in the future?
    David Lawrence

  • JF Staff

    Hi David,

    Can you clarify in what way the animations are unrealistic? I've given them a quick check here and they are both rotating in the correct direction in line with the props.


  • Hi Martyn
    No, sorry I didn't explain properly, it's not the direction of rotation, it's that the holes for the prop blades are visible when the props are turning, and I don't think you would see them in real life.! I've compared it to other FSX/P3D aircraft and it just looks wrong.
    I've tried to attach screenshots of the Duchess and the default Baron to compare (P3D v4.3)