Can't stay airborne after take-off

  • Can get airborne OK but shortly after take-off the aircraft just gradually descends to earth. Ages ago I had a tip on how to overcome this but I can't find it. Help please

  • even starting at 25K it just falls out the sky, might as well uninstall it. The manual is no help.

  • JF Staff

    Are you using too much throttle? It's a characteristic of the Vulcan that you can't just open the throttles in a cruise as it will start causing a nose-down in the aircraft.

  • What speed/Mach number is this occuring at?

  • Thank you both very much. I've been advised to throttle back to about 1/3 power after take-off which I wasn't doing. Also to adjust the trim with '7' and '1' (num lockoff) which doesn't seem to have any obvious effect. I've also loaded 'RAFVulcanUpgrade'. And have now managed a climb to a decent height. You have to work hard to keep the nose up though. I may return to my Jet Provost for a few circuits