I cannot decide between the Arrow and Turbo Arrow :(

  • The models seem very similar to me and somehow I like something about both. The classic Arrow has a nicer cockpit but this red interior, the Turbo has more power but seems more complicated to operate. Somehow I have the feeling if I buy one I could regret it later and want the other.

    I read that there was an upgrade option from the Arrow to Turbo for 14.99$ Is this option still valid if I buy now? Does it also work in the other direction? Or should I get the bundle right away??

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

  • @Burning_Bridges

    Turbo is only faster in oxygen altitudes or STOL at high altitude airports.

    Take a look at RW sites. Same discussion is quite common !

    Consensus is Turbo is also 3x the cost to run.

    In the sim of course, it's more cosmetic. And I love the high tail.