CTD on Startup , Panel Selector and AP problem

  • I recently installed this addon into my P3DV4.4 and noticed the following problems:

    1. When I start the P3D with the Archer, it results in an immediate CTD. Starting with any other aircraft and switching to the Archer later is no problem.

    2. I use Flight1's GTN650/750 Complete and switched the panel to this option through the cockpit switcher. But each time I load the Archer it is back to the default GPS. In addition, when I select the GTN650 unit from the pull-down menu I only see the bezel but the unit does not work.

    3. When I want to fly an RNAV approach the AP follows the GPS route until I press the APR button. The aircraft then doesn't follow the route (LNAV) any longer; the AP has no function any more in spite of the correct anunciator in the AP window.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I have version 1.03 instzalled.

  • Does anybody from Just Flight read this forum?

  • JF Staff

    We do, but the problem you've outlined in 1. is not one I'd have a clue about without going through various steps and getting some diagnostics etc. A forum's not the ideal place for that. Your best bet - as we always post - is to contact JF support and they can do their best to resolve it.
    It may be, of course, than another forum member might read the post and come up with a solution, but that's not always guaranteed.

  • @Derek Thanks, Derek. I will contact your support.