Faulty Outside View

  • Hello

    I recently installed the Hawk into P3DV4.4 (after having used it in FSX-SE before). Here I noticed a strange effect regarding the spot and locked-spot outside view: If I load the Hawk with a new flight, everything seems fine, but if I load another aircraft before the Hawk, I get a view from somewhere inside the aircraft. I found the same problem mentioned in the old Justflight forum, but with no solution. Does anybody have a solution for this strange effect?

    My system: P3DV4.4, EZDOK V2, JF Hawk T1A V242


  • JF Staff

    @Flyfox It has always been recommended to start a fresh flight rather than swapping from one aircraft to another as the sim may not always load the correct data.

    Again my recommendation would be to start a new fresh flight.