Duchess 76 Glitches Revision 1.08

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    The programmers apparently know very little about the Duchess.
    Duchess 76 Glitches Revision 1.08

    You corrected the single-engine flight dynamics but forgot to program the propeller to feather. It stays in low pitch high rpm. The aircraft pulls toward the inop engine as it should; the engine does stop when you pull the mixture to idle cut-off as it should, but the propeller does not feather. Realistically, the prop will continue to windmill until you feather it. Maybe that's asking too much from your programmers. The prop control was placed in the full-feathered position. I tried the Saitek throttle quadrant (prop control) and the mouse, neither worked.

    On the positive side, the overall flight characteristics are very good. There are no nasty surprises as long as you fly the blue line when operating with one engine. Nice job!

  • As far as I know, you need to manually feather the propeller by pulling fully back the blue propeller lever first, then pulling the mixture back to idle cut off. MSome of the new twins do it automatically (Diamond DA42 for example), but aircraft with Throttle/Propeller/Mixture levers require the pilot input to feather a prop.

  • Thanks for the help, but I left out that the prop control was placed in full-feathered position. I fly the Duchess (N456TH).

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback. You should have received a reply to your support ticket which contained the same feedback, and the development team will investigate.

    Several real-world Duchess pilots/instructors are providing input to the product development.