Duchess 76 Glitches

  • Duchess Glitches:

    1. All circuit breakers (push-pull type) in the Duchess are pulled out, meaning no circuits will work, but they all do? If I push each and every breaker in, as they should be under normal circumstances, the circuits will work—but they do not. Have they been programed backwards like the aux pumps—off is on and on is off? (This aux pumps glitch has been corrected.) I did not notice the breakers glitch on release. All circuit breakers in the Duchess are configured incorrectly. If you look closely they are all pulled out.

    2. While in flight, if you place the throttle on one engine to idle and leave the other engine at cruise rpm, the Duchess pulls to the wrong direction. For example: If I retard the left throttle the plane will turn to the right, it should be to the left; if I retard the right throttle, the plane will turn to the left, it should be to the right. What actually happens is the Duchess will either continue to fly straight or bank slightly to the operative engine; both of these flight dynamics are incorrect.

  • Dissatisfaction With The Duchess Performance

    I am disappointed in your latest update, Revision 1.07, which addresses an insignificant glitch—the Stormscope not working.

    The main reason I purchase any twin-engine is to practice a very critical aspect of flying it, and that is how to react and control the aircraft on one engine. It is beyond my comprehension why your company did not fix the single-engine dynamics first, not to mention all the circuit breakers are still pulled out. Did you know that if you look at you advertisement video all the breakers are in—what gives?

    It is obvious to me that this problem is not going to be addressed and by you words…I will pass it on to development. THAT'S NOT WORKING. How about giving me their email so I can talk to them directly or better yet, their phone number?

    I had to purchase MIL VIZ's Cessna 310, which indeed has the proper single-engine dynamics without having to wait for endless revisions.

    Re: Duchess 76 Glitches Revision 1.08

    The programmers apparently know very little about the Duchess.

    You corrected the single-engine flight dynamics but forgot to program the propeller to feather. It stays in low pitch high rpm. The aircraft pulls toward the inop engine as it should; the engine does stop when you pull the mixture to idle cut-off as it should, however the prop should continue to windmill it doesn't; the propeller should go into feather if I use the prop control or mouse, it doesn't.

    On the positive side, the overall flight characteristics are very good. There are no nasty surprises as long as you fly the blue line when operating with one engine. Nice job!