Issue with DME and ADF IDENT in GTN Mode

  • Hello everybody,
    I have an issue with the Arrow (P3DV4) GTN Mode.
    I have followed the manual and the instructions, selecting before simulator start the GTN 650 750 mode.
    Once simulator is set up and the plane is loaded and cold and dark selected I've started with the power up procedure. Once the VOR and the ADF are set with the correct frequencies, the plane starts with the morse IDENT sounds, even if VOICE is selected and not IDENT. It's impossible for me stop it.
    I've tried to switch from Arrow to a default P3D GA Aircraft and ADF and DME IDENT are switched ON even if in the arrow visually weren't. With CTRL 4 and CTRL 5 i canc stop the sound (in the arrow didn't work).

    If i select the normal mode from the selector in the arrow, this problem is not present' so it should be a issue related to the GTN 750 configuration in the arrow.

    Hope you can help me since it's really annoying