Honeycomb yoke switch mismatches

  • There is no strobe switch on the light panel in the cockpit? in the warriors i've flown in real life there has been basically the exact same setup to the the arrow. I noticed that the strobe light switch on the honeycomb yoke, is actually mapped to the beacon light switch for some reason. it seems that the nav light switch on the honeycomb controls both strobes and navigation lights... is this right? are each of the individual aircraft modelled to their real-world counterparts?

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  • Some Pa-28s don't have seperate beacon light switches (JF's Turbo Arrow IV doesn't). The strobes are controlled by the anti-collision switch in the cockpit. (The beacon in JF's Warrior seems to be controlled by the battery switch - i.e. When the battery's on, so is the beacon.)

    I know this wasn't a question you had, but for the sake of completeness (and because I've seen experienced YouTubers get this wrong!): The nav lights are controlled by the rheostat switch on the left of the light panel in the cockpit (page 21 in the manual). The same switch controls the radio lights as well but has nothing to do with the strobes.

    Incidentally, the information on p.10 of the manual - "The navigation lights are controlled by a rocker switch on the main switch panel" - is wrong. JF got it right in the X-Plane 11 manual, so I have no idea why the MSFS manual is incorrect. It's also wrong in the manuals for the Arrow III and the Turbo Arrows. (A copy-and-paste error?) I have told them about it via a suport ticket.

  • @richavery The rotating BEACON light (top of the tail) in the Warrior II is turned on with the NAV rheostat, along with the NAV lights. Unfortunately, the Honeycomb nav light switch can't be mapped to correctly implement this dual functionality of the rheostat knob. So, you should only map the SET command for the nav lights to the Honeycomb switch, so you can turn the rheostat with the mouse when the Honeycomb switch is OFF.

  • understood, my thing was the strobes are mapped to the anti-collision light switch on the yoke instead of the strobe switch not being mapped at all if they are controlling the light with the navigation rheostat simultaneously.

  • @wpa12 ,The STROBE lights and th ANTI-COLLISION lights are the same thing... The red rotating BEACON light is what is being controlled simultaneously by the NAV LIGHTS rheostat control, not the STROBE light.

  • @RetiredMan93231 Thank you! That makes sense. I based my battery switch theory on the fact that someone from Thranda Design (who developed the X-Plane Warrior II along with Just Flight) said this was the case in that version. Of course, when I tested it in the MSFS version, the rotating beacon stopped when I switched off the battery - but then it would, wouldn't it? D'oh!

    I know that in the real world, some Pa-28s with no separate rotating beacon switch have the beacon controlled by the anti-collision switch. I have seen experienced simmers switch the anti-collision on when told to switch the rotating beacon on in the checklist.

    It's a shame that Just Flight don't make it clear in thier manual. The Warrior's manual makes no mention of the rotating beacon at all. I'm sure a lot of users aren't aware that the nav/radio light switch in this version of the Warrior II controlled the rotating beacon.

    All Just Flight have to do to sort out the confusion is tell users that the beacon is controlled by the nav/radio switch. Thank you, RetiredMan, for doing so here!

  • @RetiredMan93231 my bad then, in the warriors i've flown at my flight school they've had beacon light (rotating red light on fin) and anti-collision light switches (strobes on wing and tail) switches in the cockpit. which is where i've obviously got my confusion from.