standby altimeter

  • Can anyone help me find the option for the standby altimeter, I was expecting an additional altimeter, as found on many Warriors (often next to the tachometer), or have I misunderstood the description on the website?
    'Independently operated left and right (standby) altimeter'


  • It's all the way to the right, if you have the gns430 or gps100 selected it's just to the right of that

    EDIT sorry i thought i was in the arrow section, i'm not sure about the warrior

  • AHHH, thanks...all I have to the right is the suction gauge, which I would expect to see there anyway so not sure what's going on...

  • @MJH I suspect there simply isn't one (pictures online seem to back this up) and the mention on the product page is probably a mistake, but I could be wrong

  • JF Staff

    Apologies for the error on the product page, the Warrior doesn't have a standby altimeter as there wasn't one fitted to our research aircraft. We'll update the text now.

  • Thanks Martyn, for clearing that up, at least I can stop looking! 🙂 but a pity this isn't something you will be implementing. I can only guess it was on the feature list at some point, and I think rightly so as it would have been a nice touch. Maybe some modder at some point...who knows! Thanks for a great addition to the sim

  • @Martyn In the description it also says there are "numerous animations including ... oil cover" and state that there is an "oil inspection door" control in the cockpit; you also show a screenshot of the EFB with that control. I think these should be updated, too, as there is no such animation on the Warrior.