Aircraft creeps forward with throttle at idle.

  • Brakes required to prevent forward travel with throttle at idle. Taxi speed is a bit fast without frequent braking. Really enjoy flying this back to the basics aircraft that I first flew IRL many years ago. I was attracted by the presence of a primer but could not find info on its implementation and use on startup in the sim. Is it functional?

  • I confirm that taxiing is too fast and ground steering too easy. Perfectly taxiing is done in the Piper Arrow III, there feel the resistance of the rudder. Additionally, for an airplane it does not matter what surface it moves on, whether it is concrete or ordinary grass, the suspension on the grass works the same as on concrete, without any vibrations. There is also no sound of the wheels changing due to the surface on which we taxi. After stopping and applying the brakes and adding power above idle, the plane bounces strangely.

    The primer doesn't seem to be working properly. When it is turned on before starting the engine, then starting the engine and then turning off the primer, the engine turns off without the possibility of restarting.

    Also, I'm not sure if the carburetor heater should have an effect on engine RPM. Now, when we turn it on, the revolutions remain unchanged. But it's best if someone who has knowledge of the plane in reality will speak about it.

    For me, this plane is oversteering in flight. It is impossible to perform a proper slide, deep turns etc
    it rocks the plane sideways, which is uncontrollable.

    For me, the most refined in terms of taxiing and flight reality is Piper III Arrow.

  • Well as real pilot that flies this plane, once you have started the taxi, if you put idle, the speed of the plane continue building up, with the consecuence of the constant use of the brakes.

    The primer its not used as you mentioned, you prime the engine, and after you prime 2-3 secs you stop, and start the engine, not necessary you have to have a successuful start, maybe you need to use the primer again.

    The carburator heat, ATM doesnt works or at least the RPM are not affected.