Cockpit looks kind of flat and faded

  • Hi,
    I own both JF Arrows. Now with the new Warrior, I noticed that the inside cockpit looks kind of flat compared to the Arrows. It's definitely not the lighting, it's more the shader or the textures. They seem desaturated or faded and lack contrast, especially in the shadows.

    Is anyone seeing the same?

  • @petze You are right, contrasting the .dds files in the Texture and texture vc folders. It is quite noticeable. I hope that in a next update they can correct it. I also notice that the rotation of the helix is similar to what was in the arrow III in the first versions, I guess it is also a minor aesthetic problem that will be corrected later. I love this warrior!

  • JF Staff

    This will be fixed in an update later today.

  • @Martyn
    Awesome, you rock guys!