GPS Navigator power

  • I have installed and uninstalled twice, downloading each time the installer in case it came corrupted, but there is the same bug: impossible to turn on the gtn530 nor the 750 from the manual boot procedure. It only responds from the tablet menu "ready for takeoff".
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  • JF Staff

    Have you set the avionics master switch to ON (right panel)?

  • @Martyn Sorry, my mistake. I hadn't noticed the avionic power switch next to the fan controller. From the pilot seat it is not visible, you have to shift the view centered to the right. Thanks for your help!

  • It would be nice if the Avionics Master switch was bound to the Avionics Bus 1 switch of the Honeycomb alpha. For some reason it is not working with the Warrior, while it works fine with the Arrow III and Arrow III/IV Turbo.