Can’t control climb to cruise

  • Greetings,

    I purchased the Piper bundle the other day and think this is a great product. I’m really amazed by the detail and complexity. The only feature missing is the RXP GNS bundle. 😀

    I’m having a very difficult time getting the aircraft under control for the climb to cruise altitude. According to the ODM I should be able to get a 97 knot climb at 900 FPM. With MP@41 and RPM@2575 I can’t get a 900 FPM at 97 knots. I struggle to get control and trimming seems to put at 120 knots or higher with 1000 FPM or more. It’s really frustrating for me since I lose control and seem to fight more than fly.

    I don’t see any settings in the ODM for power or pitch. I’m hoping someone can provide some insight as to what the correct process is for a controlled climb to cruise. I prefer manual control over the AP until cruise.

    I appreciate any input.



  • @MattM1121 Here are a few things to keep in mind...

    • The POH performance charts are based on max gross weight (2900 lbs.), so with less weight the aircraft should exceed the performance chart speeds and climb rates. Maintaining any specific speed and climb rate should require less power at lower than max gross weight.

    • This aircraft has a "fixed waste gate" turbo charger which requires the throttle to be constantly readjusted during the climb to maintain a constant MP... Also, because of MSFS limitiations, the mixture will also have to be periodically readjusted to maintain max power (peak fuel flow) at higher altitudes during the climb.

    • The POH normal climb procedure says that after clearing all obstacles you should reduce power to the cruise climb setting of 75% (33 MP / 2450 RPM) with a speed of 104 KIAS or greater, for the remainder of the climb to cruise altitude.

    • Always use trim to set the desired airspeed, then adjust the throttle (MP) and prop pitch (RPM) to set the desired climb / descent rate.