Randomly Autopilot Engage and ailerons in opposite directions

  • Hi, I recognize that randomly by engaging the AP (also with HDG on/off switch in off) the ailerons goes in opposite direction and if happends during flight the plane goes in a spin.

    This tested also at ground and plane powered off:
    If I switch AP switch only the ailerens goes in opposite directions.

    Piper just updated at 0.3.0

    Thanks for suggestion

  • happens in the turbo as well 😞

  • I think I understand what happens: it seems to be a defect related to a flight plan set in the GNS530.

    Today shortly after take-off the autopilot is set in nav-gps to follow the flight plan with 7 waypoints;
    before reaching the first point, the steering wheel went to the end of its stroke on one side;
    disarmed AP I regained control and canceled the flight plan by re-entering only a Direct to waypoint and so on for the following ones;
    at this point everything was fine until we reached our destination.

    This "defect" had already manifested itself before inserting the GNS530 mod.

    I specify that through the addon-linker only the PA28 and the GNS530 mod are loaded ... nothing else.