Mixture controller only half

  • Hi,
    I got the Arrow bumdle and in both Arrow's (III+III/IV) i have a strange mixture control behavior:
    I use a CH TQS to control the mixture, It works perfectly in all other aircraft (0-100% lever movement do 0-100% mix movement) BUT in this addon is not working well. When I move the CH lever from 0-50% in the arrow it stay on 0% and only after 50% to 100% CH TQS lever movement it goes from 0-100% on the Arrow.

    CH TQS - 0...50, 51...100%
    Arrow mix lever - 0...0, 1...100%

    In the settings the movement and detection is all fine including as mentioned, other aircraft on msfs.
    How i fixed it?
    Thanks and regards!

  • and its not because the locker because when i have the locker disabled i can move as mentioned between 0/cut to 100%/full rich with my CH TQS lever, but only between 50% to 100% hardware CH TQS lever positions.
    It looks that this addon not reads 50% of my hardware values.

  • Make sure your mixture lever is bound to MIXTURE AXIS (-100 to +100%), instead of MIXTURE AXIS (0 to 100%).

  • Thank You so much, it did the trick!