Keys for clock, stopwatch

  • Are there keys or MSFS functions assigned to operate the stopwatch? It's a pain to run it with right handed mouse clicks and fly with a right handed stick at the same time

  • JF Staff

    Are you referring to the yoke mounted timer? If so, there are currently no control assignments for that but they could be added if suitable assignments can be found.

  • @Martyn Yes, the yoke mounted timer, particularly the stopwatch function. Just changing modes to and from clock/stopwatch is no bother with the mouse, and there's not a big need for a key assignment, but for the stopwatch it would be a big improvement to have two keys assigned to start/stop and reset. I use the stopwatch quite a bit in various patterns.
    One approach seems to be to simply steal an established MSFS bind that would never be used in an Arrow, for example "Toggle Water Rudder" (CTL + W) and just initiate start/stop with it. However it is done, it would be very much appreciated.