ILS Glide slope supported?

  • Hi, This is sort of a pre-sales question.

    I've been told on an FB group that the turbo Arrow does not support altitude hold by default, and that there is no support for following the glide slope down while on autopilot.

    Is this correct? And if so, was altitude hold and glide slope coupling not supported by the real aircraft?

    Thanks in advance. I'd love to buy the aircraft, but these features are quite important to me.

  • @planedoc Correct, the plane will not follow the glide slope. This is not supported in the real aircraft either. (Perhaps it is in some newer ones, I'm not sure, but the one this is based off of doesn't have it).

    You can still tune an ILS, and the plane will follow the localizer laterally and it will show you an indication of whether you are too high/too low (both on the NAV 1 instrument, and the HSI if enabled), so you can follow the glide slope by hand.

    They still included a pseudo-altitude hold function with a hidden clickspot, which is useful if you have to step away from the sim for a moment in choppy weather but can't pause (e.g. on fseconomy). It's very simple though, literally click on or off and it will hold whatever altitude it's at when you turn it on. This isn't in the real aircraft, but I think they added it to make testing easier and included it in the release because it can be useful

  • @vcapra1 Thanks for the fast and thorough reply. I guess it does make sense to model the real aircraft as closely as possible!