Check List Beacon

  • while doing the in game check list for the arrow 4 it says turn on the beacon
    but i can only see switches for landing lights and anti collision which one should i turn on

  • @Lestat11 Use the NAV lights instead. I think the PDF checklist is correct but the in-game one must not have been updated there for the arrow IV.

    The nav lights are the spinny dial to the left of the other switches. One click turns on the NAV lights, and turning it further will turn on the radio panel lights

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  • Hi Guys

    Long time since I did it but from memory the "spinny dials" are for the instrument panel lights. Lestat11 is asking for the "beacon" and in this case its the anti collision switch. Cheers Si

  • @SiFlyUK said in Check List Beacon:

    in this case its the anti collision switch

    The anticollision switch is the strobe light switch (very bright flashing wingtip lights) which are not used to indicate an engine is about to start. That is normally the job of the beacon light, but since the IV doesn't have a beacon light, the NAV lights, if anything, are used instead.

    See page 55 of the manual where this is mentioned:

    Turn ON the navigation lights, warning anyone in the area that we are about to start the engine.

  • @vcapra1 This aircraft does have a red rotating beacon light on top of the rudder... It is turned on along with the nav lights by using the NAV lights switch.

  • thanks for all the reply's haver just done a flight and used the normal procedures list in arrow 4 manual manual included with the plane
    it dose give you more information with things like check the Vacuum but i could not see where it says to turn on any lights

    am trying to learn the correct procedures and am still new to flight sims