Alternate air control lever not moving

  • Hi there,
    I bought the package PA28R III - Turbo III&IV but the alternate air control lever is not moving. I hear all the time a click when hitting the lever with my mouse but the lever is not moving. Any solution? Does anyone have the same problem that the Alternate air control lever is not moving? Is this a known bug?

  • If you're using a peripheral with permanent-state switches and anti-icing is mapped in such a way, you won't be able to move the lever with the mouse (use the switch instead or unbind it).

  • Hi there,
    I use the Honeycomb Throttle quadrant. Now i anti-ice mapped to a switch on the throttle quadrant. Do you mean there is another bind for the alternate air control lever?

  • @Pilottom The Alternate Air lever in this aircraft is the same as Carb Heat, and it is controlled by the ANTI-ICE ON/OFF/TOGGLE commands, or by pressing [H] on the keyboard.

  • Thx a lot!
    Everything is now working correct