Arrow Turbo unable to fly at altitude

  • I tried a flight in Nepal with the Arrow Turbo III. Three times the engine cut out before I could take off. Then I was finally able to take off but impossible to climb above 15,000 ft. Even a very slow climb eventually resulted in a stall and crash. I followed all the recommended procedures including warming up the engine before takeoff, making sure fuel tank was selected and having fuel pump on. The first few times I was flying in real weather and it was low cloud and sno, but then I switched to clear and warm conditions in case icing was an issue, but could still not climb. Am I doing anything wrong or is the Arrow unable to fly at those altitudes. The airport was at 8000 ft

  • @RFpilot Are you leaning the mixture at higher altitudes? At high altitudes, the mixture needs to be leaned (by pulling the red lever back) because there is less air up there. The engine will lose power if it's not leaned properly. Generally you want to aim for peak EGT (look at the EGT gauge near the throttle levers) for best economy or peak EGT + 100 degrees F for best power.