Flickering Panel Lights

  • I flew the Arrow today in poor light so turned on the panel lights (right hand switch) and noticed they are constantly flickering. Sometimes all instrument lights together, other times only one or two instruments, never seen that before.

  • I'm still getting flickering panel lights, is this a known problem that's on your fix list.

  • JF Staff

    Are you using any hardware, such as a yoke?

  • Only using a Saitek X52 Pro joystick.

    This is my 'go to' GA aeroplane, only noticed this problem since the last update. I always use the panel lights just to brighten the panel up up a bit. The flickering does actually look quite realistic as it alternates between all instrument lights and only one or two as if there is an earth problem somewhere.

    Can you think of anything in my X52 that would cause this issue. I use this joystick for P3D and DCS 2.7 with absolutely no problems.