Marketplace release

  • Hi,

    Will Just Flight Arrow come to the in-game marketplace? I really love the convenience of downloading everything from a central place, so I have been waiting for it to come to the marketplace. Sadly it has been many months and it is still not in the marketplace - do you have an ETA for the marketplace release?

    Thanks in advance.

  • JF Staff

    We don't have an ETA at the moment but are in the process of getting the Arrow's onto the Marketplace.

  • I have a similar question. I wonder whether the Arrows will make it to Orbxdirect at some point just like a few other products of yours. For various reasons I will never buy from the in-game marketplace. But I also don’t want to keep the (already substantial) list of product-specific installers growing. That’s why I buy OrbX almost exclusively. Well, and a few things directly from Aerosoft.

  • @saschpe Aerosoft products are on Contrail, as are many other developers' products - including DC Design's F-15 and Boeing Stearman under Just Flight's name. However, whether JF will only sell DC Design's products through Contrail, or whether they will expand that to include other 3rd-party products and/or their own, remains to be seen.

  • @richavery Yeah, but Contrail doesn’t have all Aerosoft products. Only those which pass their quality gates. Also, you have to use AS Updater initially (when buying from AS directly). On the bright side, AS has a tool similar to Orbxdirect in the works. Regardless, my question was about Just Sim products specifically.

  • @saschpe OK, relating to Just Flight products specifically, I agree that an installer app would be good but I don't see why they would use Orbx, as they are competitors. If they encouraged people to go to Orbx to purchase JF aircraft, they would also be encouraging those potential customers to stay there when purchasing other products, rather than buying from JF.