Honeycomb Alpha + Bravo config for Arrow III/IV Turbo

  • I think I have all the most important things set up correctly, but…

    1. Set Electric Fuel Pump 1 isn’t working correctly:
      1a. On is Off, Off is On - it’s reversed.
      1b. Any ideas how to set both High and Low? 1a only sets Low.

    2. Can’t figure out how to map Radio Lights and Panel Lights to the Honeycomb Flight Controls.

    3. Can I bind the EFB to a switch on the Honeycomb Flight Controls?

    Any ideas?

  • @Moridin without using a third party tool that can access lvars you’re going to be a bit limited in what you assign.

    For the fuel pump at least you can just assign it backwards that way what you see isn’t. The switch is a 3 way switch in the sim and the bravo switch is a 2 way. So in the sim it gets sent a signal of 2 - high, 1-off, 0-lo which is why it comes out backwards as the hardware and built in assignment only send a 1 or 0. Hope that makes sense lol

  • @weptburrito Yeah. I would happily dedicate 2 switches to it… one for Hi and Off, one for Lo and Off.

  • @Moridin Still won't happen without third party help as there is no way access lvars.

  • Is there any way to control when the GTN 750 turns on? Separate key bind or switch in the cabin?

    Using Alpha + Bravo and it turns on after turning on Batt + Alt. I also have Avionics 1 bound but turned off Avionics 2 - they don’t seem to do anything. The FAQ said to unbind Avionics 2.

    Not sure of correct bindings. Can anyone do a run down of a proper Alpha config?

    On the Alpha I currently have:

    • Red Batt + Alt - working correctly.
    • White Avionics 1 - not sure what it does physically in the Turbo Arrow III.
    • 3 of 5 lighting switches bound (BCN, LAND, STROBE), TAXI + NAV are unbound.

    Help. I really want to have everything configured correctly.

    P.S. Also it’s killing me I can’t bind “radio lights” to NAV (e.g. off = 0% and on = 100%). I think everything else is more or less working. I got the Fuel Pump bound on the Bravo - Off and Lo only though, and it’s the other way around (bug) - off is lo, on is off.

    Missing stuff:

    • fuel selector
    • radio lights, panel lights
    • Alt air + 2x cabin hot air
    • turning off all the radios/nav instruments with switches

    Also, I love this aircraft.

    P.P.S. I noticed that the plane selection menu in MSFS shows 15K ft ceiling for the Turbo IV and 20K ft for the Turbo III. Bug or should I reinstall?

  • @Moridin

    Is there any way to control when the GTN 750 turns on?

    Yes and no. The GTN is 'tied' directly to the battery bus so if the battery switch is on the GTN has power and when the GTN has power it automatically starts up (theres no manual on/off funtion for the GTN 750 IRL it just magically boots up when it has power).

    In other aircraft there's a dedicated avionics bus (turned on via an Avionics switch) which stuff like a GTN would be connected to but this is not the case with the Arrow simulated by JF which is why your avionics binds don't do anything.

    However the GTN is connected to the circuit labeled 'Instrument Panel' so pulling out this breaker (bottom left most breaker) can manually control the power to the GTN unit so it might be possible to bind with fancy third party lvar based solutions if you really want to be able to toggle power to the unit

  • @TacoT Thanks for the explanation. This is from the FAQ:

    Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo Users
    If you are using either the Alpha and or Bravo you will need to do one of 2 things for the GNS430/530 to work:
    1) Make sure that the AVIONICS BUS 1 switch is set to ON
    2) Remove the switch command in the setting for SET AVIONICS MASTER 1
    IMPORTANT: If using BOTH together then the command is automatically assigned to switch number 17 of the Alpha and switch number 47 of the Bravo.

    I had assumed this extends to the 750.

    Funny thing though. When I turn off Avionics Bus 1, e.g. after landing, the 750 reboots and comes back on.