• I have the Arrow IV plane set to remember the last settings but i am having a problem with maintenance in the EFB i clicked the right arrow to show engine damage and oxygen
    but when i click on the left arrow to go back it changes for a split second then goes back to engine damage

    i have restarted the sim a couple of times and now the EFB always starts on the engine damage page and wont let me go back to the other
    any suggestions on what i can do?

  • @Lestat11 I have had exactly the same behaviour.
    But now it works well, and don't know what I've specially done to make it work... But yes there is something that doesn't work very well...

  • JF Staff

    What is your engine damage and oxygen %?

    The EFB should only be automatically selecting that page if the engine damage is greater than 25% or the oxygen quantity is less than 10%, as a reminder to rectify those issues ASAP.

  • Thank you it was the Oxygen level at 0 Must have turned it on during of flight some time in tautly forgot about it