Cold & Dark Config

  • There are a few very minor issues with the cold & dark configuration:

    • NAV volume on 430/530 should be set to 0
    • ADF volume should be set to 0

    Oddly even if I have these things turned off/on 0, loading the plane cold and dark turns them on. So maybe they just have to be added to the state saving.

  • JF Staff

    This will be fixed in the next update.

  • No problem here, everything is off on a parking spot start and even after selecting cold & dark on the efb.

    If you have state saving on, then the knobs will reflect your last flight. So if you didn't turn them off then, they won't be off next flight.

    I will note however, my com1 and 2 volumes (kx radios, I didn't check the garmins) are not retaining the state saving for me.

    @Martyn I am under the PerformacePlus beta if that matters.