Problem with the yoke roll control v0.2.1

  • Problem:

    • Yoke roll does not go back to its neutral position
    • Impossible to make smooth roll inputs

    What I've done:

    • Reinstalled the aircraft
    • Removed everything from the community folder except the PA28 folders
    • Checked my controller profile in MSFS. See nothing wrong with it and I use same profile for every aircraft and it's only the PA28 TURBO that I've problems with.

    I'm not sure exactly when this problem occurred. I think I flew the 0.2.0 with no yoke issue. I cant go back and test older versions because did not save installation files.

    Here is a video where I'm first in the Turbo Arrow and then load up the Arrow (2:15 for Arrow)

  • Autopilot is on 🙂 Switch the white switches off at the bottom left of the panel so it stops trying to fight your control inputs

  • Do I feel stupid now 😃