Setting The RPM

  • I have been returning to MSFS but in VR and really enjoying the PA-28R. When trying to level (lets say 8,000) out I reduce my throttle. The Manifold pressure reduces, the fuel flow reduces, but the RPM stays in the red (max). I have to reduce the throttle to about 20-30% for the RPM needle to drop out of the red.

    Is this normal / accurate ? I am sure before as soon as i reduced the throttle the RPM dropped and i could accurately set it to 2,000 rpm etc.

  • The arrow is a constant speed propeller, so the pitch of the prop blades will adjust to hold the same RPM until the throttle is so low that it can't anymore. The blue lever can be used to adjust the RPM of the prop. See the performance handbook for proper power settings at each altitude.

    This video is a good one for explaining how constant speed props work:

  • @vcapra1 DOH ! slaps forehead . Of course ! "And that Children, is why as a pilot, you have to fly regularly in order to keep the basics fresh in your mind....."