Altitude hold / vatsim altitude issues

  • Hello,

    Great aircraft overall.

    Since the last world update (maybe even last sim update) and the latest version of the Turbo Arrow 3 and 4, when flying on VATSIM, I set the altimeter to match whatever the weather is, ex. Hg 30.30 and will be flying at 5500ft. but ATC on VATSIM sees me at 5100ft. I have to change the altimeter to read a non-realistic value based on current weather to get my aircraft to climb or descend to the altitude ATC wants to see me at.

    Also, when setting the AP ALT HOLD function, the aircraft used to climb or descend to the nearest 100ft. but now it climbs up 400ft above what ever altitude you wanted to be at and settles there, and a lot of the time, on the 50ft. mark, not an even 100ft. mark. When setting the altimeter back to 29.92 just to see if it would read my intended altitude (thinking this is what it based my ATL HOLD off of) my altitude is still reading incorrectly. So not sure why it seems to just pick a random altitude to hold at.

    I have uninstalled the turbo arrows and reinstalled them fresh and the issues continue.

  • It actually usually settles 300 ft above when you press the ATL HOLD function. I level at 5500ft and press the hold button and then it proceeds to climb to 5750 - 5800ft every time.

  • JF Staff

    This should be fixed in the next update.