compared to JF's X Plane 11 version?

  • Hi,
    Does someone know of a review where this new MSFS version is compared to the X Plane version ?
    The last weeks I've used x plane to practise for my vatsim ppl rating because of the increased accuracy in the flight model. Now I've got that, I immediately bought this PA28R for enjoying VFR flying in the beautiful MSFS. I do miss the accuracy of xplane though. The plane does feel a bit sluggish when landing, trimming.

    I'm thinking of buying the xplane version as well, to swap beautiful scenery and weather now and then for more accurate aviating the plane. But I was wondering if someone has compared the two already. I can't find one so far though. Someone here has tried out both ?

  • @majorswitcher okay, here is just my opinion. I have flown the version in both X-Plane and Microsoft. I've also been very lucky to fly the airplane in the real world. Yes, X-Plane does have a more accurate flight model. Microsoft has the scenery and the eye candy like no other and, they are improving the flight model all the time. I spent many years flying X-Plane, developing sceneries and really enjoying it. But honestly I haven't flown it for quite a while since I feel Microsoft has done a great job on the flight model side. It comes down to personal choice.