v0.7.0 Altitude Hold

  • Altitude hold is no longer working correctly for me.

    I haven't used v0.6.0 but prior to that selecting altitude hold would capture the current altitude quite accurately, even if not perfectly level and steady.

    Now with v0.7.0, trimmed out and steady at 2,500ft, when I click on the hidden clickspot to engage altitude hold the nose rises and eventually levels out 180ft higher. This is repeatable on different flights.

    Has something been changed in v0.7.0 to cause this?

  • @Sender46 One of the things I've noticed, and it's an MSFS thing rather than Just Flight, is that I have to set the altimeter to whatever the sim thinks it is (the altimeter set key), then the Arrow will level correctly. But I'm on 0.7.1, not 0.7.0, so there may have been a bug with that version.

  • I've found that if I use the "hidden set" feature and I am still climbing ever so slightly, it will not be exactly where I want it, about 100 ft or so, just as you described. If I am wanting to be at 1,000 ft (I like that altitude, lol), I have to actually click the hold altitude area around 950 ft and it will eventually level out around 1,000-1100 ft

  • JF Staff

    This should be fixed in the next update.