Fuel tank switching to Left Tank randomly?

  • Has anyone else noticed that the fuel selector unintentionally ends-up on the left tank during long flights? I have no keybinding to the fuel tanks and I'm careful not to click the tank selector, yet I keep discovering the selector on the left tank after having left it on the right tank. My left tank is nearly empty and I keep re-selecting the right tank. Just curious...
    Edit: I'm an idiot. There's this setting in the EFB called "Auto Fuel Selector" or something to that effect. Ya, that. Here I was thinking it was my knee bumping the lever.

  • @Bozone74 So the second I saw this and before I got to the end of your post all I can think of is "did ya know about the auto fuel select on the EFB" lol you got it though 😉

  • I was today years old too when I finally realized there was an auto tank selector on the ipad. It was also driving me crazy lol.