Request: Disable the the altimeter hold function from the EFB

  • I wish there was an option in the EFB to disable the altitude hold. I never use it but sometimes I click it by accident and as soon I do my trim for the climb/decent is gone. Also if you play some sim economics missions it engage so abrupt it will make you fail or at least give you a penalty.

    If you don't think having it in the EFB is a good idea any code I can delete to make the hidden button broken? I don't care if the tooltip is still there as long as it does nothing when I click it.

  • If you're comfortable editing a file, go here


    Open up the JF_PA28_VC.xml file in notepad or notepad++ would be better if you have it.

    On line 4342 you'll see this

    Screenshot (351).jpg

    I recommend "commenting it out" by placing <!-- before and --> after that section like so instead of deleting it, just so you could always revert back.

    Screenshot (352).jpg

    Please keep in mind editing of this file will 99.9% of the time NEVER be the same line number on the next update so you will have to find that "part" and redo it every update.

    Also please remember that by editing a file if you have any problems, to revert or reinstall the stock version first to double check that it wasn't something from the edits.

    If you do have any problems with this "mod" just message me, with a screenshot of what you changed 😉

  • @weptburrito Thanks a lot! I have not tried it yet but your explanation looks easy to follow.