AP will not follow GPS

  • Hi all,

    New problem on all naturally-aspirated and Turbo Arrows (started with the new 7 and 2 .0 versions and continues with .1)...
    Having flown these with zero issues in the past, I can't get the AP to follow GPS. It follows heading mode, but not GPS. Yes, my CDI is set correctly to GPS via GTN750. AP in NAV mode. Any insight?

  • Please accept my apologies. Somehow, unbeknownst to me the deadzones got reset from 2 to 0... And I didn't think to check. All is well. Thank you for a great update!

  • Hey, it turns out it WASN'T the deadzones! Cause the issue has returned on ALL GA aircraft. It turns out that SOMEHOW (perhaps with the Windows Update), Windows 10 has checked a Beta Encoding option under Control Panel/Region/Administrative/Locale option... I stumbled upon this on the official MSFS forums - that box should always be unchecked otherwise AP will just fly north. So just a heads up for anyone that encounters it.