AFX Files

  • I am using FSX SE and Trafic 360. They are working well together. Having said that, I have more than one airport with multiple control towers. Do the AFX files installed with Traffic 360 include scenery elements such as control towers? If so, what would happen if I rename the AFX files? Trying to troubleshoot here.

  • 360 does not have a Scenery folder , but TG does so that`s likely to be your problem TG uses the Scenery folder to add parking spaces at airports, without that it would use the default airport BGL and you would see less traffic.
    Even worse in P3Dv5 they do not match the Scenery and cause a problem due to the changes LM have made to the airports.

  • @MichaelPerry
    I am pretty sure that the AF2_ and AFX_ scenery files supplied with T360 do not contain any scenery elements. They are mostly the same scenery files that were supplied with Traffic X - these only contained the main airfield elements (runways, taxiways, aprons etc.) where JF had decided that the FSX default versions required upgrading. Any other scenery elements that show up in FSX come from the default airport files.
    Have you checked with the 'File Priority Analyser' that comes as part of ADE which would show whether you have more than one BGL file for the airfields where you have multiple elelments?

  • @RayM Thank you. I will have to download ADE and try the analyzer. It isn't really a huge issue, but it nags at me a bit. I just returned to MSFS and I am still learning and relearning.

  • @MichaelPerry
    A simpler alternative might be FSX Airport Scanner, by the same developers as ADE:

  • @Capt-Quirk Many thanks ! Just downloaded it will try it shortly.