Turbo Arrow engines out midflight

  • Two friends and me were flying together in the Turbo Arrow yesterday. One of my friends only bought it just yesterday. We were passing the alps when suddenly he said he is losing power and in the end had to crash-land.

    Well, it was his first flight and we thought he must have done something wrong. Five minutes later I suddenly lost power, RPM dropped and dropped and there was nothing I could do about it. Fuel tanks were both half-full, Mixture and Props were mid-level. I maxed out Mix and Prop, tried to restart the engine - nothing. Crash-Land number two of the evening in our group.

    We had a good laugh, but honestly I would like to understand what caused this. I was flying at 5000 feet with 110 IAS. What might have caused this? Any ideas?

  • JF Staff

    It sounds like this was caused by turbo detonation. Did you make sure to keep your manifold pressure below 41 inHG (overboost warning light off)? The failure logic will be changed by the next update so should address this.

  • Thank you for coming back so fast. This could very well be the reason, we might not have kept that in sight. We will pay better attention next time and see whether it reoccurs.

  • I guess I've made around 10 flights with turbo and never had a problem like this. As @Martyn said, it sounds like this was caused by turbo detonation.