Manifold and tach gauges

  • Hi all,

    One struggle I have is viewing the manifold and tach gauges, due to the native aircraft placement outside the default FS cockpit view. True, I can zoom out the view, or arrow down to it- but both either distort the normal sight view of the main panel. I can’t use VR.

    Any advice? I wish there was some way to create a mini-hud so to speak, like the outside view has, but I want to fly inside view.


  • What I do is tilt down just a bit from the default camera and created a saved camera there (Ctrl+Alt+1, or any other number). Then Alt+1 (or whichever index you set) will go to that camera. I mapped a button on my yoke to go to the "next saved camera" to cycle through the few I have saved. It only requires tilting down slightly so it doesn't really affect the view out the window by much

  • I do something similar to vcapra1, I create several other views, including some that are instrument only, and then just pop in and out of those as needed, even my 'default' view is a saved camera view, not one of the MSFS defaults. I figure in the cockpit, I'd be leaning down or up or to the side as needed to get a good view, like for the OAT, etc.