HC Bravo Throttle: Fuel Pump "Low" possible?

  • I have the setting "Set Electric Fuel Pump 1" on one of the 7 switches above the levers on the Bravo Throttle - and it works fine (with the known little delay when using the "set"-bindings in the sim instead of "turn on/off" bindings), but it turns on the pump to the "high" position.

    I just wondered if it is possible to set the binding to the "low" position instead of "high"? Or is there maybe a workaround (e-pump #2 e.g.) for the low position?

    Because in normal use you'd prefer the "low" position (takeoff, landing, switch fuel tanks during flight).
    The high position is commonly used if the mechanical pump is broken (as the manual says).

  • JF Staff

    It should already be setting the pump switch to the LO position. Please let me know if you're still getting the HI position after the upcoming update is released.

  • @Martyn Thank you, Martyn! I'll watch out for the next Update. 🙂