Custom registration decals fixed ?

  • I have v0.1.1 installed, I've followed the instructions for "How Can I Apply My Own Aircraft Registration?" in the FAQs , I have the Custom livery selected , my custom registration does appear in the cockpit VC but does not appear on the fuselage sides. I see the 'blank' spaces on the fuse sides where the registration decals are ... but they are blank. Does anyone else get this to work ? Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong ?

  • @Crankpin did you set both the registration number and ATC callsign? i usually set those together and it works fine, so that's the only thing I can think of.

    When you say "'blank' spaces", do you mean there just isn't a reg # or there is like a blanking rectangle that looks like it's covering something up?

  • Hi vcapra thanks for your reply. And yes I have both the reg number and callsign filled in and 'Show tail number' is yes, Heavy is No. It looks like the blanking rectangle is there as the default Custom livery is covered there. I assume thats the registration decal where the 'tail number' should show. But if it does work for you, then hmmm

  • @Crankpin Actually is this on the III or IV? I haven't flown the IV yet only the III, so maybe that's why I haven't seen it. Nvmd it works fine for me with both planes.

    Could you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing?

  • I have found it sort of. Soemthing to do with 3rd party repaints, mine included. I took everything out of the Community folder apart from the main turbo folder. That made the Custom work .... added everything back into Community folder restarted etc ..... and it still works so hmm LOL. Thanks for your help, I'm sure it's not really fixed and may break again , i think it'll be something to do with the aircraft.cfg files and the different handling of the combined (old school) one in the main turbo folder and separate ones used by 3rd party repaints .....