Interior color Change? Which files, how?

  • I know a few "paints" of the interior are available, but it requires a repaint of every single plane. I would like to change the interior of just one plane to red instead of blue (one of my Arrow III Turbos) Could someone tell me which files I need to add to my TEXTURE folder and then I will declare them in the layout. I just can't tell if I need to have a TEXTURE.VC as well, or can I simply add interior files in TEXTURE and declare them in the layout

  • @dadgametime Just put your red interior textures into your TEXTURE.YOURLIVERY (with associated json) and declare them into your layout.json

    You shoud take these files from original TEXTURE.VC folder :
    and copy them into your livery folder (TEXTURE.YOURLIVERY)

    Also place your red textures into your livery folder:

    edit your layout.json to take those files into account

  • THANK YOU! That works like a charm. Appreciate the help, @Biokerozen !