Weird colour reflections on the Turbo panels

  • Hello all,

    I have noticed something that I find annoying in the rendition of the panels in the Turbo: all the parts that are black plastic, like the radios or the engine gauge/switches bar have some kind of either blueish (for the III) or goldish (for the IV) veil that makes them not look black when they are not directly lighted by the sun. This is not the case for the normally aspirated III (see pictures below for comparison).
    While I could understand that there is some kind of internal colour reflection on plexiglass (like on the instruments or the gauges themselves) this should not happen on other parts. When I fly the Turbo and I look at the panel, I really feel like there is some haze in the cockpit (and no, I did not abuse of any substance πŸ˜‡ )
    Anybody else feeling the same ?

    (sorry, I tried to upload the pics, but received an error message every time... πŸ™ )

  • That annoyed me too. Itβ€˜s not JFs fault. Looks like itβ€˜s a problem with the lighting model. I changed the Turbo panels to black like normal Piper with a mod. All looks good then.

  • Exactly the same observation here.

  • @Lemny
    How can you do that mod ? I would really like to change the panels to black as well. Even though they are typical 70Β΄s, those coloured panels almost make me airsick (especially the blue… 🀒 ) πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  • @JOM4021
    I used this mod.

    And I totally recommend this lighting mod.
    It's makes such a difference. I hope the JF guys integrating this in the vanilla version or do something similar. πŸ™‚

  • @Lemny
    Thanks ! Will try that πŸ™‚