Repainting for a newbie

  • Hello all,

    I wanted to paint the Arrow III to the livery I used to fly many years ago. I have completely finished the first edition of the repaint in Paint.Net(the paint kit psd's) to test in SIM. However there is about where I get stuck. MSFS is vastly different.

    • What DDS format do I have to save in? I've read somewhere DDS with Alpha Channel, but neither in GIMP or Paint.Net is the choice as simple. There's DXT 1 through 5 as well. Any pointers?

    • Once saved, is it as simple as downloading the blank template PA28R from and replacing the appropriate equivalent files only? Where can I get a tutorial to properly do this.

    I'm sure this is a "I'm only going to show this once" exercise. But I need that nudge in the right direction to finish this off.

    Many Thanks,