Sunken wheels

  • Needless to say, I just love the Arrow III. The only thing I have seen that looks out of whack is the tyres are sucked down into the tarmac. Any ideas why this should be?
    Sorry I haven't figured out how to post a screenshot. Have to make do with a link.
    Cheers, Ron

  • @Ron-Attwood I never saw that when I looking at the aircraft I am flying in MSFS, but I have noticed that when looking at aircraft I own (the JF Arrow III and IFT MB-339) that MSFS sprinkles around the airport on the ground as eye candy. I don't thinks its (exclusively) a JF Arrow issue.

  • I've seen this a few times in the past, not that it detracted at all. I bring this up now because there were two of us flying together in Arrows and he mentioned I was 'sunken'. I looked at his plane and it was the same(picture) This was on a default airfield so we couldn't blame a scenery difference.
    Not a biggie, but when everything else is nigh on perfect....

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    Not something we've seen or had any reports about. the image you have shown would be a show-stopper if it was a common issue. Might be one to contact Just Flight support about. Does it happen at every aerodrome?

  • I thought this was JF support..You mean raise a ticket? Every aerodrome? I can't honestly say I've been looking out for it. But I will in future. I admit I'm not one of those that notice if trees are too high/too small but I'll probably get paranoid about it now. 😜

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    We don't do forum support - there are stickies etc about it, but the PA28 has generated much discussion on the forum, so I can understand why it may look like support. If you contact JF support with the location etc they can look into it.

    What I meant by asking about aerodromes was "does this happen at one specific location or do you see the wheels sinking whenever you land/park up?" Sorry if it sounded like I wanted you check all eleventy fourtween thousand airfields or whatever there are in MSFS. That would be our job.

  • I understand about support. I'm a new boy. 😞

    My mate and I discovered that when you look at another plane the tyres are flat. Go outside and look at your own and they're perfect.
    Thanks for listening, I'll raise a ticket. Might be a case of just pumping up the tyres a bit.

    "eleventy fourtween thousand" 😁

  • This issue is not location specific, it basically happens on every AI/Multiplayer aircraft that the sim is rendering with the Arrow models.
    It also happens with the Turbo Arrow.

    Your own model will show up correctly, but all other aicraft with this model look like this.

  • @Ron-Attwood said in Sunken wheels:

    I haven't figured out how to post a screenshot

    Click the cloud icon (farthest right) to upload or just drag & drop the jpeg.
    Word of warning though. It can be a might tricky to get the pic in the right place!😁

  • Thanks for that Cap'n, I was battling with the image icon till I gave up. Easy when you know how. 😁

  • @copper I concur that it is not location specific. For me, the Arrow I am in is fine, any other AI placed Arrow OR any other 3rd party aircraft I own that the AI places is sunken by about half the wheel height.

    I own 3 3rd party addons; JF Arrow III, JF Turbo Arrows, IndiaFoxtEco MB-339. All can be seen here sunken except for N3736T, the Arrow I am flying in MSFS at the time of the screen shot.


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    Looks like it may be an issue with MSFS rather than the Arrow. The contact points on the aircraft are certainly OK - we'd have had WW3 by now if we'd got that wrong. Especially as the packshot features an aircraft on tarmac!

  • @Ron-Attwood Believe me, Ron, it took me quite a while to figure it out too!😁

  • This problem has been fixed in the latest release (0.7.0).