performance chart 0.1.0 vs 0.1.1

  • Here's a chart showing the difference with regards to the issue here

    The MP values on 0.1.1 is the cockpit gauge on the left and in parentheses from displaying the simconnect value noted as they are quite off. I also noticed detonation_onset is set at 41 and wonder if this should be higher as 41 MP is the listed value for max speed - performance.

    Screenshot (318).png

  • We're actually discussing detonation onset - the way it worked in previous sims was that that would be the point beyond which detonation would occur. According to Asobo, nothing has changed with regard to this setting in the new sim, but there are issues occurring which suggest otherwise. Mark it down as 'being looked at'.

  • I only mention it as 41 MP was right at the point I noticed FF dropping. Later I saw 41 in the engine.cfg and was like oh whats that?!?! lol

    Also forgot part of the the chart

    Screenshot (319).png