Arrow III - VR cockpit zoom unavailable

  • In VR mode, the MSFS function to zoom in cockpit instruments seems to be disabled.
    (right mouse clic)

    It's working fine in the Arrow IV.


  • Works fine for me on the Turbo Arrow.

  • I concur. Doesn't work in the III, but does work for the turbo/IV.

  • Another thread on this very forum, found here, claims that it's working properly on the Arrow III. I, too, am curious to make sure it's working on both the Arrow III and the Turbo, and just to make sure everyone is on the same page, I made a video that shows what it means to be VR ready (and what cockpit zoom actually is) which you can find here.

    So can anyone who is reading this post, please view the video and tell us which of the two aircraft conform to being VR ready- hopefully the answer is both.


  • @Wothan can you please take a look at my post above, grab a quick look at the video, and tell me if that's what you're experiencing with the Turbo Arrow? I'm trying to figure out if the cockpit zoom works properly (as outlined in my vid), because that is of critical importance to me. My disability prohibits me from just leaning in to get a better view, so if the cockpit zoom function doesn't work, that makes purchasing this aircraft, which I really want, an absolute no-go.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • @KevyKevTPA I've just gone through the three variants (the original Arrow III, the Arrow III Turbo and Arrow IV Turbo)

    VR Cockpit focus works on the original Arrow III and the Turbo Arrow IV, but does not work on the Turbo Arrow III.

    I would imagine the omission of VR cockpit focus for the Turbo Arrow III is an oversight which will be corrected in a future release.

    Hope this helps you in your decision - cute dog BTW!!

  • @jake_mazar Thank you sooooo much, that is very useful info!

  • JF Staff

    I can confirm that this will be fixed in the next update.

  • @jake_mazar I, too, can confirm that @Martyn's post is correct. With the most recent update, it is working properly on both airframes, which is good because I find with the IV, I have to have a LOT of nose up trim dialed in or I won't have enough elevator authority to flare properly. (Which is a polite way of saying I crash every time, even with my stick as far back as she goes, and I'm a RL pilot who generally makes perfect landings.)

    I haven't quite decided if it's my imagination on the III, or because of the added propwash on the elevator due to no T-tail, or maybe I simply have had enough nose up trim dialed in without even trying to, but it doesn't seem to be an issue vs. the IV.