Elevator authority at rotation and flare

  • Hi Folks, just love this plane, using mostly the Arrow IV, but have an issue with very little elevator response on rotation. Even with full backwards yoke the plane just keeps accelerating down the runway without even a hint of nose-up. At about 100KTS I have to violently seesaw the yoke back and forth, whereupon the plane abruptly departs the runway and becomes something intent on reaching the moon! Shortly after that, I can recover a reasonable pitch angle and the plane becomes a really immersive and realistic sim until... the flare, when I get a similar thing, which results in a slam-dunk into the runway (with no bounce). I have seen this on an old topic, but can't see any replies: http://forum.justflight.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=32375&title=my-issues-with-the-arrow

    Any help on this? From tweakers or JF? Most planes in FSX can usually have a little subtlety around rotation and flare. Otherwise, just love the immersion!