Rudder Yaw oscillations

  • Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing YAW oscillations. I've not noticed it before but if I give left or right rudder a firm change in direction the aircraft nose oscillates side to side before settling down. I've experimented with various changes to the Rudder Pedal setup in the Controls panel but nothing influences this horrible oscillation. Just wondering if Microsoft have a bug in the latest update. Also the ILS at EGMC is off by about 2deg. Thanks for any input. Trevor

  • @Mogpot Try this change to the flight_model.cfg file...

    yaw_stability =1 ;0.1

  • @RetiredMan93231 Many thanks. I will check that out later. Take care. Trevor

  • @RetiredMan93231 good morning. Thanks for your recommendation but could you clarify something for me. When I search for the (flight_model.cfg) file I get multiple returns with ascending dates. Do I change the file with the latest date or are there separate files of the same name for each aircraft. Many thanks, Trevor

  • @RetiredMan93231 Hi there, I think I've answered my own question. I didn't realise each aircraft had its own CFG file. I've found the file relating to the Arrow III. Many thanks for your input. Take care. Trevor

  • @Mogpot The flight_model.cfg file I was reffering to is the one for this aircraft only... each aircraft has a separate one. It will be located under the aircraft folder, which is in the Community folder, where all of your add-ons are installed. The exact path to this folder will depend on how your copy of MSFS was originally installed.

    Here is the path to the Arrow III folder on my system... yours should be similar.

    C:\Users\FlightSimulator User\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-iii\SimObjects\Airplanes\JF_PA28_Arrow

    If this is not clear, you can Google how to find the Community folder... and if it's still not clear, I don't recommend that you attempt to make any manual mods to your aircraft. Also, before making changes to any of the files, always make a backup copy of the original file first...

  • @RetiredMan93231 Thanks again for your help. I'm OK with editing files etc but I haven't delved into MSFS file structure and was unsure about each aircraft having its own CFG file. I thought there may have been a generic file of that type. All is OK. I have modified the file of the Arrow III and will see how it goes. My next challenge is why has the ILS at EGMC gone out by a couple of degrees. Perhaps that is a result of the latest update. Take care. Trevor