DME Audio ID Not Working in v0.6.0

  • DME Audio does not appear to be working working in this version of the Arrow III or either of the Turbos. It was working as expected in the previous version of the Arrow III.

  • Does the ADF audio works for you? The ADF indicator works fine, but there is no morse code audible. Neither with the ADF receiver in ANT nor BFO mode. Tried with the audio selector ADF switch set to phone or speaker.

  • @corvus5624
    I found the ADF audio to work as expected with the correct Morse code for the received NAVAID.. It can be difficult to hear over the sound of the engine so make sure the ADF volume control is fully advanced. I have tested it on the ground at an airport with a NDB and the engine at idle. It is also easier to hear with the sim sound set to Headphone Simulation.

  • Hmm, even after turning the engine sounds off, I do not hear the morse code at all. Well, I think I heard one little beep after setting the ADF audio switch to PHONE. But exactly one beep, and I couldn't reproduce it, so I might be imagining things.

    I do have reception from the NDB (SZ 281 MHz at KBFI), so that is not the problem.

    Edit: Just checked with the C172 Classic, and there the same NDB is audible. So at least my audio settings are fine. 🙂

  • @sdvpilot So I manage to track down the issue a bit. I'm using the GPS 100 by default, but it turns out that the NAV1 volume control of the GNS 530 actually controls the ADF volume! I am going to file a bug report about that.

    So I've got the ADF somewhat figured out, still struggling with the VOR audio though.

  • The reason I was not hearing DME audio relates to a screwball codependence between NAV1 and DME audio. For DME audio Morse Code ID to be heard at all NAV1 must be responding to a NAVAID and DME audio enabled on the audio panel. When using the GP100 NAV1 audio must also be enabled on the audio panel but enabling NAV1 ident is not required. Then the ID heard from the DME corresponds to whatever NAVAID is being received on the internally set frequency of the DME. It does not follow either NAV1 or NAV2 frequency selection as it should when the DME front panel function switch is in the RMT position. The internally set DME frequency frequency has an initial default value, but it can be changed by placing the DME front panel function switch in the center FREQ position, and adjusting the frequency control knobs. Instead of corresponding to the audio ID NAV1 is responding to NAV1 audio is identical to the DME audio described above. I was not hearing any DME audio simply because I had not tuned NAV1 to a NAVAID when checking out the new updates.
    This behavior may be at least in part due to some limitation of the sim base code. However the way NAV1 and DME audio is handled differs from one aircraft developer to another. For example, I hear absolutely no NAV1 or DME audio in the Carenado MSFS Arrow. The DME is channeled from NAV1 only, and the DME frequency controls are cross coupled with those of of NAV1. To me it looks like they chose to bury whatever underlying problems may exist.

  • @sdvpilot Sorry, I missed your reply initially. In the mean time I arrived at the same conclusion. Although I had an extra twist. In my case the NAV1 volume was set to zero, so what I had to do was to switch to the GNS530, turn up the NAV1 volume, select the GPS100, enable ADF and NAV1 audio on the audio selector and, finally, I had the ADF morse code. Currently I only have to enalbed ADF and NAV1 audio on the selector, and that's it.

    I did file a support ticket for this, did you do the same?

  • @corvus5624
    I was not previously aware of ADF audio being dependent on NAV1 selection and volume level. I will certainly look for that ASAP. The ticket I submitted only described the issue with NAV1
    and DME audio ID.

  • @corvus5624
    I also found the ADF audio behavior to vary with the selection of GPS equipment. In each case the ADF frequency was set to one nearby NDB and the direction indicator was responding correctly while sitting on the ground in a fixed position in the Turbo Arrow III. I believe the sim, the aircraft, the GNS530, and GTN750 addons were up to date at the time of this test. Note that in no case did the ADF volume control position actually change the ADF audio level heard.

    For ADF audio Morse code ID to be heard the following was necessary:

    GPS 100

    1. Audio panel NAV1 and ADF switch in either speaker or phone position.
    2. NAV1 volume control in any position but off (full counter clockwise). ADF audio level heard did not change with control position.
    3. ADF Function Switch in any position but off.

    GNS530 or GNS Dual

    1. Only the audio panel ADF switch was required to be in speaker or phone position.
    2. ADF audio level heard is dependent upon NAV1 volume control position.
    3. ADF Function Switch in any position but off.


    1. Audio panel ADF switch on.
    2. No NAV1 volume control exists and ADF audio level remains fixed.
    3. ADF Function switch in any position including off. When repositioning the ADF Function switch the ADF audio panel
      switch appeared to switch off and it had be turned back on.

    I have no reason to believe that the order of GPS selection is relevant.

  • @sdvpilot This pretty much supports my findings, which I detailed in the ticket I made. Somehow the GNS530 NAV1 volume control sets the ADF audio volume. So, to set the ADF volume if you are using the GPS100, you first have to switch to GNS530, set the volume there, then switch back to GPS100. For some reason my NAV1 volume was set to zero (despite the NAV1 volume setting on the old KX175B radio). So enabling NAV1 and ADF on the audio selector panel was not enough for me, I really had to switch to the GNS530 to turn up the volume. Very weird, but I'll take any work-around over no work-around at all.

  • @corvus5624
    Very interesting about having to preset the GNS530 NAV1 volume control before hearing ADF audio with the GPS 100. I will have to look for that specific behavior on my end also. When I tested with the GPS 100 I have no idea where the GNS 530 NAV1 volume control was set. Another strange thing is that when I first switch to the GNS 530 or GNS Dual setup I can't seem to get the NAV1 volume control to respond to the mouse. If I come back and try again sometime later it does respond.
    Please post again if you get any useful response to your ticket. Just Flight Support simply closed mine out saying they would be looking into it. My hope is that they will fix these issues if they have the hooks into the sim to do so. If sim code limitations are in the way I do hope they pass on such issues to the sim developers. Presently it seems like none of these bogus NAVAID audio ID behaviors are getting much attention.

  • @corvus5624
    I found the ADF audio behavior with the GPS 100 as I described previously and completely independent of where the NAV1 volume control is preset on the GNS 530 including its off position.

  • JF Staff

    This is currently under investigation. For some reason Asobo have linked the ADF ident volume to the NAV volume control, which causes issues with our custom logic for the various avionics configurations.

  • @Martyn
    Glad to know Just Flight is looking into these issues. As I have noted except for NAV2 , NAV1, DME, and ADF Audio ID functions are not functioning correctly.

  • JF Staff

    I think I've got this working as much as possible within the sim limitations. Hopefully Asobo will address the ADF volume being controlled by the NAV volume control but in the meantime I've added some workarounds.

  • @Martyn Thanks, I appreciate the effort, sorry to hear the sim is giving you a hard time. Is it advised to file a bug report at ZenDesk, concerning the ADF volume?