Lurch during take-off roll

  • Do the Turbo Arrows behave like the Arrow during take-off?
    If they do, I'd rather wait with my purchase until the issue has been fixed.

  • I just saw the Turbo Arrow IV take off on Twitch. Fun has been had.
    I'm going to wait until this is fixed or at least mitigated.

  • Could you be more specific? What lurch?

  • To mitigate the ground handling on takeoff, trim a little aft and apply a little back pressure to the elevator on the takeoff roll.
    Doing this has allowed me track the center line without it lurching from side to side.
    An added step with the turbo is you need to watch your manifold pressure while at the same time keeping her on the center line.
    You dont want to over boost the turbo, so dont firewall the throttle. Fun stuff.
    The more I fly this plane, the more I like it.

  • @weptburrito

    Skip the first 45 minutes and then watch this experienced flightsim streamer try to rotate a little bit later than recommended. The ground handling is hilarious. Apparently this is caused by the sim, but it affects the Arrow family in an extreme way compared to other MFS aircraft I'm familiar with.

  • Oh that, yeah that started SU3. The over the top weathervaning. It affects all planes maybe some worse than others, maybe the geometry of the plane? In the same week there was SU3, the first arrow came, and I finally got rudder pedals. So I was turning off rudder assist and was like damn what is that lol

  • Try going into weights and adding a co-pilot weight that matches the pilot. This made all the difference for me.

  • Also, give it slight nose up trim, lining up the indicator just below the neutral marker does it for me.

  • During development, we questioned pilots about the trim setting for take off. General consensus for full fuel and instructor and student was that it should be set at least partway back (clearest description was to set it during the pre-flight checks when exercising the trim - full forward, full aft then move it a certain number of turns forwards that left the trim wheel aft of neutral but in the first half of the aft range).

    That is how the aircraft has been set up, I do wonder if the extra landing gear settings with regards to ground friction are having some effect here, i.e. with the trim neutral, the nosewheel is being held more firmly to the ground and thus having an undesirable effect?

  • I agree that the excessive weather-vaning during take off occurred after SU3 and has not been resolved ever since. I have it on the default aircrafts as well.
    For me rudder assistance selection is a work around for the issue. I still use my pedals to keep the centerline as before (not touching the yoke) but now I can takeoff smoothly as before SU3 even with crosswinds of 15 kts. Hopefully I will be resolved soon.