Update change logs - v0.3.0 released (edited 19/07/21)

  • JF Staff

    v0.3.0 (19/07/21)

    • Autopilot logic fixes (including bank hold, altitude hold accuracy)
    • Landing gear lights now dim when the panel lighting is switched on
    • AP nav 1/2 selector fixed
    • Radio frequency control assignments fixed
    • Turbo Arrow IV cockpit texture resolution no longer degraded based on MSFS texture setting
    • Whiskey compass accuracy improved
    • External equipment now visible in VR
    • Minor sound fixes and EFB sounds added
    • KN62 inner knob push/pull for 0.5 KHz selection added
    • KMA20 COM 1 receive logic fixed
    • Cabin heat now prevents windshield icing

    v0.2.1 (16/06/21)

    • Throttle initialising to 100% when starting on the runway - fixed
    • GNS/GTN integration (bundle version) - fixed

    v0.2.0 (15/06/21)

    • Portable oxygen system added (consumption rate varies depending on altitude and number of passengers, can be refilled on the ground)
    • Improved cockpit lighting (thanks to @weptburrito)
    • EFB brightness controls and battery power logic added
    • VR compatibility tweaked for easier use of GTN 750
    • Audio ident/selector fixes
    • Autopilot altitude hold logic tweaks
    • KX170/KX175 COM and NAV frequencies can now be controlled using the 'Increase/Decrease COM/NAV (WHOLE/FRACT)' assignments
    • Turbocharger/manifold pressure logic improvements
    • Aileron inputs disabled whilst autopilot is engaged to prevent control issues
    • High oil pressure fixed
    • Custom registration decals resized/repositioned
    • VR zoom issue on Turbo Arrow III fixed
    • Lower tail navigation light glass fixed
    • Manifold pressure gauge night lighting fixed
    • Turbo Arrow IV paint kit PSD fixed
    • FDE improvements and fixes
    • RPM drop with prop lever movement fixed
    • Autopilot nav source select can now be assigned to a control
    • Dome light non-illuminated texture fixed, state of knob now saved
    • Missing German flag added to tail of D-EAIV
    • D-ERMT registration alignment fixed
    • Fuel state is now saved
    • Turbo Arrow IV prop spinner now more reflective/shiny

    v0.1.1 (30/05/21)

    • Cockpit texture resolution no longer reduced by the sim
    • Custom registration decals fixed
    • Turbocharger logic improvements
    • Chocks and tie-downs now prevent movement of aircraft on ground
    • PMS-50 GNS/GTN integration fixes (bundle version)
    • 'Set Electric Fuel Pump 1' control assignment is now supported for Honeycomb hardware users

  • JF Staff

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